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Beaufort County Hospital Authority Board

News Release:

Two Big Lies

      1. Unless the commissioners dissolve the authority board the county will loose the 6.4 million dollars. This false representation by Commissioner Ron Buzzeo during an open meeting.

      2. The county has insurance to protect the public against any claims that may come from us dissolving the hospital authority board. this false representation by Commissioner Frankie Waters during an open meeting.
Image provided by Vidant: Above.

Three Huge Truths

      1. As long as the authority board exists and has the 6.4 million dollars in trust Vidant will keep our hospital open because the authority board will install a competitor in the hospital.

      2. When the authority board is dissolved vidant will continue with the closing of more of the Washington hospital.

      3. This is about money not health care.

     Contact: Hood Richardson
          Beaufort county commissioner

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