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Commissioner Hood Richardson States the Correct Case

Against all of the advice of others: Maybe you should have consulted The Hood.

    Whether this immutable fact threatens your delicate sensitivities or not, Commissioner Richardson is, far often more than not, on the right side of every issue that he challenges, and in a fairly wide manner. It has been that way for over 18 years, and your offense to his often prickly nature will not help you to understand the absolute truth of things, especially here in Beaufort County.

    The truth of matter of this possible probable illegal meeting of the Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners to appoint a new county manager is far closer to this statement spoken to his fellow county commissioners at their April 20th Special Called Meeting to announce what they had already accomplished somewhat incognito in the week earlier.

    Commissioner Richardson contends that he was not properly notified, and that the notification that he did recieve was not within a reasonable time to this Special Called Meeting, that was never declared, to consider the hiring of specific candidates for the position of county manager. He has provided this e-mail, from Clerk to the Board Katie Mosher, communication to support his position:

    Hello Gentlemen,

    This is a reminder the interviews for County Manager will be held tomorrow (April 14th) starting at 1:00 PM. Both candidates have confirmed.

    The Equalization and Review Board will be meeting on Thursday (April 16th) at 5:00 PM. You must be sworn in at this meeting to participate in the future meetings so please plan to attend.

    Both meetings are being held in the board room. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you,

    Katie M. Mosher
      Clerk to the Board,
   Administrative Assistant to the County Manager

Statement by Commissioner Hood Richardson, April 20, 2015

    I have no doubt Brian Alligood is well qualified to be the Beaufort County manager. I look forward to working with him, but I cannot vote in favor of issuing this contract for the following reasons:

    His recruitment, hiring and contract negotiation were, in my judgement, conducted in an illegal manner in that proper notice of the meetings that led to the offer extended to Mr. Alligood was not given as required by NCGS 153a-40. Legal notice was not given to all commissioners nor to the press. This practice has never happened before during my 18 years as a commissioner, until recently. Only a few commissioners have been involved in the hiring of Mr. Alligood.

    The first I knew about this offer of employment was when I was sent a notice and then a contract last Thursday (4/16/15) that was implied to be in its final form with a press conference and special meeting called for this morning to hire Mr. Alligood. the entire board has never met or discussed this important issue until today. furthermore, the announcement of this meeting was not in conformity with NCGS 153a-40.

    The contract is seriously flawed. It is definitely not in the best interest of Beaufort County to enter into this contract. It does not provide for a fixed term of employment but is a contract for a perpetual term with a guaranteed $150,000 termination fee unless terminated for cause. Unless the board terminates this contract it will run in perpetuity. his total income is to be $156,000 plus benefits which rapidly approaches $200,000 to the taxpayers of Beaufort county. this, at a time when most Beaufort county citizens are struggling to make $30,000 per year.

    When this kind of stuff goes on in government, it confirms the lack of experience and lack of ability of those who have been elected to the seat of commissioner.

    Whoever takes this job has a huge task in restoring Beaufort County's credibility in adhering to the open meetings laws, ethical practices, and transparent government. His greatest challenge will be to stop the secret meetings and try to bring us honest government. the voters who have elected this board deserve no less.

    I will not vote to approve his contract because it is an illegal document.

    As previously state the odds of The Hood being mostly, or all correct are fairly high; at first blush, considering my 16 years of serving alongside him, I would estimate his mean accuracy rate at 90% of his proclaimed truth. Also, you have the matter of not properly advertising the meeting with the media. Here, I estimate the county is 100% at fault as Beaufort County NOW, the top media resource originating from Beaufort County, was not notified by any method whatsoever.

    While I can fully appreciate that this group governing Beaufort County, with new management personnel and new county commissioners - none of whom pay any real attention to Commissioner Richardson for some untold reason - have made an inordinate number of egregious mistakes, more than I can ever remember in this short of a period of time, there is still some measure of hope for them; if they gain a ample dose of humility, pull their collective heads from that dank, dark place where they have been impeccably stored, and listen to those that are far wiser and learn to govern far more effectively and properly.

    My estimable advice: bone up North Carolina's rules of proper governance, and listen to The Hood, even when he is at his most prickly. Who knows, possibly Beaufort County's government may fall in line with the far better propriety of how our People should be governed. Otherwise, it will all get far worse, for all concerned, before it gets any better.

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