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Noon Update of Arthur

For Immediate Release:

    Good Afternoon:

    The NWS Noon update briefing for Tropical Storm Arthur is enclosed. Currently the most impacted area of the County will be the Richlands Township. They could experience Tropical Storm Force winds and heavier rainfall totals than the remainder of the County.

    I do want everyone to understand there is an increased likely hood of Severe Thunderstorms any time after 9:00 am tomorrow through 6:00am Friday morning. We must stay weather aware and alert for damaging winds and heavy periods of rain during these storms.

    More updates to follow:

    Current update here.

    For more information please call Beaufort County Emergency Services, (252) 946-2046.

    Contact: Lisa Respess
     Emergency Services Specialist

    Beaufort County Emergency Services
     1420 Highland Drive
     Washington, NC 27889
     (252) 946-2046 Office  •  (252) 975-6802 Fax  •

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