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Commissioner Hood Richardson to Bring Three Resolutions to the Board

    Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson intends to provide his fellow county commissioners the opportunity to vote for three resolutions to move county business forward at their General Meeting - August 4, 2014.

    Here below are the three resolutions: two to deal with the sheriff's office and one to deal with the commissioners' rules limiting debate on any subject that the majority wishes to stop.

    1st Resolution:

Motion Requiring an Inventory of Equipment Used by the Beaufort County Sheriff's Department to be Presented to the Commissioners Before October 1. 2014

written by Hood Richardson

    Whereas: The Beaufort County Government has spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to purchase equipment for the Beaufort County Sheriff's use, and

    Whereas: this money was provided by the taxing of the Citizens of beaufort county, and

    Whereas: the beaufort county commissioners have no Inventory as to the quantities or locations of this Equipment, and

    Whereas: a new sheriff will be elected during the November elections, and

    Whereas: neither of the candidates most likely to be elected sheriff are now employed by the sheriff Nor have they ever been in a capacity to be Familiar with the property owned by the Beaufort County sheriff's department, and

    Whereas: there could be significant changes in personnel and/or responsibilities of present employees, and

    Whereas: records, and files as to the amount and location of property could be lost or not be complete:

    Whereas: the new sheriff, citizens of the county and county commissioners deserve to have an accurate and up to date inventory showing the location of all guns and any other equipment owned by the County, therefore

    Be it resolved: the sheriff is ordered and directed to present to the beaufort county commissioners an inventory showing the assignment and/or location of all guns, tasers, and other equipment in the possession, assignment or control of the sheriff belonging to the county of Beaufort before October 1, 2014. Equipment is to be described with serial numbers where applicable.

    2nd Resolution:

Motion to do a forensic audit of the $70,000 dollars of drug buy funds spent by the beaufort county sheriff's department each year during the past four years.

written by Hood Richardson

    Whereas: Beaufort County government has spent $70,000 per Year for the purchase of illegal drugs during the Past ten years, and

    Whereas; this money was provided by the taxing of the Citizens of beaufort county, and

    Whereas: No accounting has been made as to the final and ultimate disposition of these funds other than a signed receipt when funds have been given to deputies, and

    Whereas: neither the beaufort county board of Commissioners, nor any employee of the county Has provided information as to the convictions Obtained, the money lost, or the money confiscated as evidence and not returned to the county treasury, and

    Whereas: a new sheriff will be elected to office in the November 2014 election, and

    Whereas: the new sheriff will assume responsibility for the use of these funds, and

    Whereas: the new sheriff, the taxpayers, and the Commissioners are in great need of a clean slate going foreward, a knowledge of the benefit or lack thereof for the use of this large amount of Money, therefore

    Be it resolved: Beaufort County engage a properly qualified firm to conduct a forensic audit to determine the actual use of this money with identification of the amounts used, lost and confiscated identified by individual case. Cases abandoned are to be described. determine moneys lost with a description of the reason(s) lost.

    This the 4th day of august 2014.

    3rd Resolution:

Motion to Suspend Rules

written by Hood Richardson

    Whereas: beaufort county is not willing to meet the USDA Rural Development requirement to hold a referendum to approve the construction of a new jail and

    Whereas: this source of financing is no longer available to Beaufort county, and

    Whereas: there appears to be considerable delay in obtaining alternative financing if at all, and

    Whereas: rules of the board have been invoked requiring Motions considering delaying the new jail construction not be made for six months, and

    Whereas: the six month period has not expired,

    Be it resolved: the rules of the board regarding the six Month moratorium be set aside so that the board may consider a time schedule to obtain alternative financing or to delay consideration of the jail project until after the November 2014 elections.

    This the 4th day of august, 2014.

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