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Public Issues  

There are times when the folks of Beaufort County need to be notifies. This is where it happens on Better Governing NOW.

Beaufort County Emergency Management is asking all motorist who do not live the flooded areas to please stay away from them
Based on the latest track data (see attached) we must get more serious about our preparation for a Hurricane to impact Beaufort County.
I have attached a copy of the latest projected track and intensity rating for Danny. At the present time we have nothing to worry about, however, preparedness is the key to readiness.
The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Flood Watch for Beaufort County as follows:
You know when you hear from me three times in one day on Weather related issue then tighten down your seat belts it is going to be an entertaining ride!
We have more good news as it relates to Major Hurricane Joaquin as the track has moved further east and Beaufort County is no longer in the Cone of Uncertainty.
We just got this updated graphic, but I thought you would like to see both the written version and the translated version.
Here is the latest update from the Hurricane Center for this Low Pressure soon to be sub-tropical event.
I have attached the latest update from the Weather Service for your review. The latest update includes an increase to 90% in the likely hood that the low will become a sub-tropical low in the next 24 hours.
Tropical Storm Ana is scheduled to come ashore in South Carolina, under the current track. The track and intensity are still showing some variability, but at the present time the remaining low pressure system will pass near Beaufort County on Monday.
Could be a on again off again rain event this weekend. Sub-tropical Storm Ana is still moving around a little bit and some of the models are now suggesting a more easterly track towards us instead of Raleigh.
I cannot believe I am sending this out, however, the Five "P's" dictate that I send this out to keep you Informed.
The good news is that the Hurricane center is not using the words Tropical event, they are using the words Sub-tropical (Nor'easter in comparison) which means rain, wind, minor inundation.
The Tropical Storm that will likely form in the Atlantic in the next forty-eight hours is currently not a threat to North Carolina, however, we will continue to monitor the situation.
The latest from Belhaven, NC is not good news. After Vidant Health Inc. reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the North Carolina NAACP, a ally of Vidant Health called Pantego Creek, LLC announced that it would stand in the way of the hospital staying open.
Be advised a shift in track and size of the Hurricane will result in an increase in wind gust in the Aurora and Belhaven areas between 10:00 pm and 2:00am to 90 to 95 mph with sustained finds near 55mph.
Shelters are open at North and Southside High Schools and all evacuations are voluntary with the exception of Richlands Township which is mandatory.
The Chairman of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners issued a State of Emergency Thursday, July 3rd in anticipation of Hurricane Arthur.
I know its Friday (TGIF) and a possible wet day to day followed by another one Saturday and a fifty/fifty chance of rain on Sunday and Monday.
  I have attached a National Weather Service notice concerning the possibility of severe thunderstorms in our area today, especially later in the day.
As part of the State required regular maintenance of the distribution system, the Beaufort County Southside Water System will use free chlorine as the primary disinfectant from July 25th, 2014, through mid September 2014.