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What IS a Republican? Is it merely someone who marks an 'R' on their voter registration card? Is it someone who seeks to protect the common people from the excesses of government bureaucracy?
In response to Donald Trump's call for a temporary pause on Muslim migratithom-smokingon, the Senate Judiciary Committee declared on Thursday that Muslims living in foreign nations have a global right to immigrate to the United States.
It's come out that at least one of the San Bernardino shooters pledged allegiance to ISIS prior to partaking in the slaughter of those innocent people at the county building.
Folks in New Hanover County have Tammy Covil. Out in the Asheville area, they've now got former county board of education member Lisa Baldwin.
The Democrats' victory, and Republican Ryan's defeat, was garishly displayed when his omnibus got more Democratic votes in the House and in the Senate than it got Republican votes.
Don't you just love it when politicians who know NOTHING about a subject try to lecture people who DO KNOW something about a subject? Law enforcement and military folks get more than their fair share of it. And so do businesspeople.
A key Senate Republican is looking into whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discussed classified information during Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate.
The state Senate's big kahuna went in front of the biggest, most-prominent Common Core-loving, spend-more-and-more-and-more money crowd and told them a few things I am SURE they didn't want to hear.
We've provided a lot of coverage to the saga of Gene Nichol, the alleged law professor at UNC, who appears to do little more with his six-figure salary than publish articles bashing Republicans.
Congressional Republicans say they are short of the votes for raising the debt limit and avoiding a first-ever government default. With barely a week before deadline, there's no plan on what to do.
That noisy bunch of grassroots folks in Widen I-77 have been creating quite a fuss in recent months.
Renee Ellmers is running to and fro trying to convince low-information voters across the Second District that she has been a valiant warrior princess against ObamaCare. Chamber of Commerce
We expect that the official Conference Report will be ready on Sunday night. Please note that it has to be posted online for it to be read-in on Monday.
At first, legislative leaders -- led by Rep. David Lewis -- were cheerleading hard for moving North Carolina's presidential primary from May to March.
Former judge Paul Wright, who has run unsuccessfully for governor and Congress, has announced he will be challenge incumbent Republican Richard Burr for renomination in 2016.
We're not big fans of The Politico around here. In fact, we affectionately refer to it in-house as The PoS-tico.
Speaker Tim Moore has made it clear that the House caucus will live or die at the hand of Cary's Nelson Dollar. Dollar has been pretty clear that he wants to spend MORE money and will not budge on anything.
If you've ever watched any late-night TV, you've seen the ads for the Ashley Madison web site. It facilitates adultery. It's kind of a or JDate for married people.
Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have the drive-by media and the professional left in a tizzy over their proposals to end birthright citizenship -- the policy that makes children of illegal aliens born in the US legal citizens of the United States.
In June, a low-life nutcase loser took a loaded weapon into a church in Charleston, South Carolina and shot the place up. Instead of taking it at face-value as the horrible crime and tragedy it was, the left politicized the hell out of it.
A guy named George Rouco is turning heads and being heralded as a "primary challenger" to incumbent Charlotte-area congressman Robert Pittenger (R).
THAT is the spin being circulated by the establishment in the wake of John Boehner's resignation from Congress.
We hear a lot of lip service from Republicans in Raleigh about the beauty of the free market.
When you think of community colleges, you tend to think of things like, Offshore-Re-education-Camp-Lesson-6oh, job training and continuing education.
Conservatives just helped oust a speaker who was okay with the Wall Street bailout, debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals.
We've heard some tough talk. Everyone is beating their chest getting ready for the upcoming elections.
Well, this ad popped up during the most recent televised GOP presidential debate -- making it clear that North Carolina's Second Congressional District GOP primary will be just as much of a media circus.
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