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Teacher's Desk  

Tom Campbell, of NC Spin recently suggest that "Let's take teacher pay off the table." No he was not suggesting that the issue of teacher pay be ignored, but quite the opposite...that it be "settled" once and for all.
From the standards grows an entire industry that seeks to make money "training" educators how to get students to do at least well enough on those tests.
The Guilford County Board of Education has voted unanimously to file a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina contesting the new law that replaces teacher tenure with term contracts plus a salary bonus.
Every person in Beaufort County (or North Carolina for that matter) who is interested in public education should have been at the Conservative Republicans Club Thursday (7-10-14) night.
I still remember my first job. It was as a "carry-out" boy at a local grocery store. We took the customer's groceries to their car for them. Somewhat like the Piggly Wiggly still does.