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John William Pope Center Guest Editorial  

Since 2005, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement has been on American college campuses recruiting students to join a movement to isolate Israel.
I am a community college failure. Or perhaps I should say, I helped fail one community college. Decades ago, after receiving my bachelor's degree, I enrolled in a few community college math and statistics classes to prepare for graduate school. Had I not taken those classes, I doubt that I would hav
In the last few years, the rights of students in North Carolina universities have received some significant new protections
John Fennebresque's friends and coworkers call him "Czar." That appears to be a fitting nickname, for his imperious exercise of authority was his downfall as chairman of the University of North Carolina system's Board of Governors.
On December 9, the Supreme Court heard arguments on a crucial case dealing with racial preferences in college admissions
Four-year universities in the United States are gaining a reputation for forcing left wing viewpoints on their students. Blatant examples of indoctrination such as the University of Delaware's residential life program often attract a great deal of attention when exposed.
A barrage of articles in the popular press points out the escalating cost of higher education, rising student debt levels, and the financial struggles many colleges and universities face
The rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013, along with the massacre of nine black churchgoers last summer in Charleston, South Carolina, created racial hysteria and gave rise to an anti-intellectual movement that has now extended to American campuses
The Pope Center publishes this paper as part of our continuing effort to spur transparency in higher education. North Carolina citizens need to know if the UNC system is fulfilling its mission of discovering, creating, transmitting, and applying knowledge. The new edition of...
Affirmative action is before the Supreme Court again this week, as it rehears arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas
Every year, my organization, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), issues its annual Spotlight on Speech Codes report in which we rate the speech codes of more than 400 of the largest and most prestigious colleges and universities in America using a red, yellow, and green light s
West Liberty University (WLU) is the oldest college in West Virginia's state supported higher ed system. I have taught there since 2007 and was promoted to full professor last year
As medieval Europeans placed their hope for salvation in the church and donated vast sums for the construction of splendidly ornate cathedrals, many modern Americans place their hope for a future better world in higher education and give accordingly
"Diversity" is the new slogan under which academics and their institutions march. But what is it? What does it mean? How will we know when we have achieved a sufficient amount?
Lately, tenure has come under heavy criticism, particularly from conservatives who maintain that it protects incompetent, ignorant, or indifferent teachers to the detriment of students
For the last decade I have taught entrepreneurship to literally tens of thousands of students in big classes, small seminars, and on the Internet in a massively open online course (MOOC). The sheer diversity of these students - their abilities, their backgrounds, their personal traits, and their...
E. M. Forster's frightening short story "The Machine Stops" (1909) depicts a post-apocalyptic world in which all human activity has been subsumed by a global digital network similar to the Internet (except that Forster's version is controlled by a worldwide government bureaucracy)...
It seems shocking that, in 2015, it is difficult to fully answer the question, "What are college students learning?" After all, people can find out about admissions policies, degree programs, student debt levels, graduation rates, campus amenities, and financial aid options with the click of a mouse
Suppose two unknown men are standing in front of us. One has the physique of LeBron James-six foot, eight inches tall, with 260 pounds of rippling muscle-while the other looks like a young Woody Allen-five foot, five inches tall, with narrow shoulders and Coke bottle-thick eyeglasses. We then...
Are the humanities in trouble on American campuses? That is certainly the impression one gets from the media today; articles in publications of both left and right describe the increasing flight from the humanities into other disciplines.
Student loan debt in North Carolina is not a good news-bad news story. It is a bad news-worse news story. Student debt, with a couple of exceptions, has been rising across the board at University of North Carolina schools, both in the percentage of students who need loans and the amount of their...
They say "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions," but that doesn't really describe the whole mechanism. The reason that good intentions can cause so many problems is because they lead to actions with unintended consequences.
Measuring the performance of colleges-and holding them accountable for their performances-is an unsolved problem
I was named head coach of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill wrestling team in 2003. I was fired this past June. The athletic director has publicly stated that I was fired for "performance"; specifically, that I had not been successful in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).
Higher education has already become an important issue in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primary race. It should receive considerable attention in the first primary date, scheduled for October 13 on CNN.
People in and out of the academic world have been pointing to a glaring defect in our education system for many years. That defect is the failure to teach students to write competently.
I leapt from the Uber car at LaGuardia, made my way quickly through security, and boarded the US Airways Shuttle to Washington, D.C. I removed my suit jacket, loosened my tie, and took my seat. Pulling my laptop from my leather briefcase, I opened a spreadsheet to review the layout of the...
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