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Anthony Bruno has a thoughtful response to all those on FB who blast Donald Trump
In a short 50 years, the returning 700,000 CSA vets created a New Society, adopted the 500,000 orphans, married the widows, and raised large families.
Many seniors completed Dale Carnegie or other public speaking courses and our kids and grand kids would pay us for the Gift of Silence.
Can you believe it? The Rolling Stones put on 15 US concerts in 2015, one of which was at Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd stadium.
That's the quote that has stuck with me from the book "Younger Next Year." You have to admit it's catchy ... and it's hard to argue with.
When my daily email from A Word a Day (AWAD) came across the wire one morning, the word for that day was mot juste. Such a fancy word with a delightful pronunciation, mo ZHOOST.
List ten books that have stayed with you; don't take more than a few minutes; don't think too hard.
I doubt if there will ever be a robot that can calculate the value of a human life.
Starting or putting out a fire requires three components, So does a Political Movement
I received this in an email from a friend in Arkansas. He was unable to give me a source so I cannot properly credit the author. Normally I do not pass along internet blogs but this is consistent with my memory of the events of the Clintons.
At 70 years old, you do not want to lose the few friends remaining so you need to review your experiences and avoid social mistakes.
In December, 2014 the Federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the final assessments of medical data for two of the programs within the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
I am not sure if Journalism was better then or now but sometimes you wonder if anyone checked the facts before print. These cause no harm and maybe required less scrutiny.
Recent media reports of declining revenue, lagging patient volume and reduced operating surplus have not slowed Vidant Health from plunging ahead with plans for numerous acquisitions, mergers and/or joint ventures, but to accomplish these goals Vidant needs an infusion of capital.
If those who counsel students or those who predict who is most likely to succeed would look at the history of the 1963 Dekalb County graduating classes after reading the year books, a better accuracy rate might be achieved.
Some who enjoy history will take the next step to add family history to the time line. I am going to use my Southern History in these articles.
This young preacher/writer made each reader feel like a movie star and recorded tremendous amounts of personal information that makes the reader into a lifelong friend. I get an email every now and then.
If you plan to be a pseudo-intellectual in your senior years, art and art appreciation will be part of you skill set.
When I lock my doors, I am not thinking about Middle Eastern Terrorists. I am thinking about things that go Bump In The Night.
The photo was taken in 1968 Saigon in area III Corp.
He has a good job, a successful marriage to a woman, reads one book a year, and uses a 500 word vocabulary.
My mom was the youngest of 10 and my mother-in-law one of 8 siblings and each smiled when talking about life on the farm.
An aircraft carrier is not a cruise ship; it is an industrial accident waiting to happen.
I read a book about the estimated 50,000 Black soldiers who wore the CSA uniform and fought in numerous battles.
There was a time when a professional baseball player could become a famous evangelist speaking before large crowds and occasionally getting their sermons printed in local papers.
Let's quickly agree that I am not a historian but have been to Cherokee, N.C. and read how the White Chief William Thomas remained in North Carolina and over a period of time was able to create the Reservation.
Rev. Gene, I was just poking a bit at the balloon but not enough to burst it.
You will need to fill the time used for the morning commute when you retire. Let me suggest watching the sun rise.
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