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A Commissioner's View  

It was not until my son, Stanhope, called me to ask my opinion about the infamous impending Geese Decision, about 2 days prior, I was made aware of the 'mammoth problem' of just what to do about the wayward geese.
Whether this immutable fact threatens your delicate sensitivities or not, Commissioner Richardson is far often than not on the right side of every issue he challenges, and in a fairly wide manner.
Beaufort County's board of county commissioners may have held an illegal meeting to hire a new county manager, current Washington City Manager Brian Alligood.
Recently, I was sent a PDF of a Washington Daily News editorial, by William Buonanno of Chocowinity, detailing the certain ulterior motive by Commissioner Hood Richardson in regards to his campaign to keep the county jail in Beaufort County's county seat.
Joel Raupe wrote, here below, this celebratory piece briefly summarizing my efforts and intentions of when I first stood for election in 1994, and was elected to that Beaufort County Board of County Commissioners. Much has happened since then.
The Beaufort County Commissioners' retreat, held today and again tomorrow (February 20 - 21, 2014) at the North Carolina Estuarium, will not be attended by Commissioners Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage.
My political life has reached a proper and constitutional catalyst point. Due to a Republican primary election, my political career here in Beaufort County is done, and I am more than ready for the change.
Don Cox, A.K.A. Mr. No-Show (does not show up for Candidates' Forums), who, up until now, has shown that he is completely incapable of discussing any issues at any time, now has twin issues he understands well enough to discuss: marijuana usage and Democrat strategy.
On Thursday afternoon, just before the close of their business day, Stan Deatherage filed to retain the Beaufort County Commissioner seat that he has now held for 5 terms.
The Washington Daily News will try their hand at reporting on politics, which well operates under the accurate categorical department of 'better late than never'.
The National Resources Defense Council, who is sponsoring a 'hit piece' slam on NC Senator Bill Cook, may want to save the Polar Bears, but they don't mind taking property that is not theirs, and in this case mine.
There is a significant pattern emerging here with Beaufort County Commissioner Don Cox: accuse your opponent of outrageous failings and then become that guy yourself.
Recently, I was was 'honored' to be included on the mailing list of a Candidate Don Cox 'hit piece' mailer, where the subject of his misguided attack was myself and Keith Kidwell, but mostly me.
The House Oversight Committee, who are also charged with discovering the truth on countless other scandals, which have swamped the incredible Barack Hussein Obama presidency, are tasked with the responsibility to accomplish this unenviable feat to know who is ultimately responsible.
No Mr. Chairman: An abject point of fact is that Beaufort County has never had a Republican majority of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners.
The unavoidable outcome is that much that I wanted and needed to do this week did not get done, and Beaufort County NOW did suffer, except for the traffic - it was remarkably decent this week.
Liberals have long misused words to suit their needs, and often embrace the banning of some words to suit other needs. Semantics obfuscation is an important tool of the Liberal. Now, here in Beaufort County, nominal Republicans embrace the Liberal's tool of talk.
This presidency, his pathetic staff, his inept cabinet and their respective departments, and, finally, his accompanying mainstream media are rotten to the core: But how can a nation save itself from itself when it is not smart enough to consider the question?
The Democrats' Lay Blame approach, so far, may have lost this president the War in Iraq, and created instability worldwide; however, it did win him two terms in office and a Nobel Peace Prize.
The Southwest County Jail, after the final piece of the puzzle fell into place when Chocowinity's government overruled their advisory board on permitting, was a go.
The U. S. Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 in the Hobby Lobby religious freedom case to support this retail company's first amendment right to hold certain religious and ethical beliefs over the will of the federal government's police power directed by a poorly written, and inconsistently enforced law.
It is a rhetorical question, so, accordingly, the only acceptible answer to this titular question shall remain, egregiously, yes and HELL YES!
We have just recently come into possession of two new video vignettes produced by Eric Blyer and Annabel Park from their upcoming documentary on the closing of Belhaven's Pungo hospital.
Now we live in an age, where the running joke of what is so 'uncool' are the 'Old White Men' that once ran this country.
Irrespective of Mr. Obama's circling of the wagons under his latest crisis of leadership - the atrocious mismanagement of the V.A. - claiming that there must be an exhaustive investigation, there is a systemic problem.
As promised, I shall provide an update, but there is no news at this point other than for me to state, or re-state what is obvious as to the state of the county's financial health.
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