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Words With the Publisher  

In 1947, 14-year old Willis Lynch of Littleton, North Carolina was asked by a nurse to sing a song as she placed a mask over his face. Lynch unknowingly inhaled an anesthetic, and then underwent a vasectomy procedure without his consent.
The United States entered negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in an undeniable position of strength. Sanctions on Iran were working as intended: causing the Iranian currency to crumble, wreaking havoc on Iran's financial sector, and dramatically cutting Iran's oil exports.
On Monday evening, the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners voted to stop all spending and construction planning on the proposed new jail by adopting several measures in a resolution presented to the Board by the Stop the Jail Committee.
Sometimes a guy returns from the war, or Alaska pipeline, or prison and his lady tells him everything has changed. That is hard to take but somewhat understandable due to absence.
Last year, Americans were shocked to learn about the widespread systematic failures of the VA, with many veterans being forced to wait months to see health care providers.
Last night my wife and I went to see a movie. It was a very popular movie and we were required to wait our turn in a long line to purchase our tickets. After purchasing our tickets we proceeded through the metal detector to ensure we were not carrying weapons.
One look across the Commissioners table showed me the same faces fixed and serious over whatever business was to be transacted at an official meeting of the Commissioners.