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On June 1 at 8:30 AM the Mayor of Belhaven, Adam O'Neal will begin his second walk to Washington, DC. There will be a short ceremony beginning at 9:00 AM at the Wynn's Gut Park on the water front in Belhaven before the walk begins.
I am using the word "saga" in the sense of an old story that has repeated itself over an over through out history.
During the Monday June 1 meeting, six commissioners again refused to agree to guarantee a loan for the Town of Belhaven so the Town can acquire title to the abandoned hospital property.
Unless the commissioners dissolve the authority board the county will loose the 6.4 million dollars. This false representation by Commissioner Ron Buzzeo during an open meeting.
One does not examine Beaufort County Cartel Politics without stumbling head long into ethics.
When my grandfather was president of Campbell College I remember his stories of students who paid tuitions with hams, cabbages or produce from their family's farm.
No matter how good the crystal ball, it is impossible to predict what will happen in 2015. Perhaps it will be easier to identify the people likely to either make or respond to North Carolina news events.
Shortly after the first Thanksgiving early settlers started migrating west in search of cheaper, less crowded and more available land. Ironically, today's cheaper, less crowded and open land is more often found in the rural east and far western sections early settlers left.
Can you remember those car ads that tried to lure us into purchasing the new model proclaiming, "this is not your father's Oldsmobile?" The brand disappeared, now little more than a memory.
In January, Pat McCrory will begin his third year as Governor, but his first chance to fully develop a biennial budget that reflects his priorities.
When the framers of our state's Constitution were assigning duties and responsibilities to the various branches of government they wisely delegated to the voters decision-making responsibility for should government incurring debt.
Few are surprised our legislature came up to the deadline to pass a new state budget and was forced to pass a continuing resolution. It's a regular occurrence.
North Carolina has transformed from the Pepsi Generation to the Pepto population. In 1950, the median age in our state was 26.5 years. By 1981, it was almost 30 and the N.C. Division of Aging and Adult Services reports it as 36.9 years in 2009.
Will North Carolina ever reform Medicaid? After more than two years, we aren't much closer to reform solutions today than we were a year ago.
At least two North Carolina magistrates have resigned rather than perform same-sex marriages, citing conflicts with their religious beliefs.
The UNC Board of Governors perhaps opened a can of worms by allowing three historically black universities to lower their SAT admission standards.
I initially registered as a Democrat because my parents were, but also because you had to be a Democrat if you wanted to vote in North Carolina's primary elections in the 1960s.
Whether your team won or lost a good friend put this week's elections in proper perspective.
Leaders have been telling us for more than a decade. We want the rest of the story, specifically how are we going to pay for them.
You've heard the spin the media, the progressives and the professors have put on the closing of the UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, but let's step back and look at what this is and isn't about.
Jim Arch always stood out in a crowd. His red hair, blue eyes and bushy mustache attracted attention, but his engaging, charismatic personality drew people to him.
Jim Graham, our late Commissioner of Agriculture, used to entertain audiences by braying like a mule, explaining that the mule was not only the symbol of the Democratic Party but also a reminder of our roots as an agricultural state.
Steve Logan, former East Carolina University head football coach, recently remarked that things don't usually turn out well for head coaches. The same is often true for anyone who serves "at the pleasure" of someone or some group. UNC President Tom Ross is the latest example.
The writer of Ecclesiastes was correct. For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.
Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that if we discuss a problem long enough we can come up with a solution? It doesn't work that way with public policy issues, especially in the selection of judges.
In our "us-versus-them" partisan culture it is rare to find an issue on which there is unanimous consensus but Governor Pat McCrory has identified one. North Carolina has not adequately built or maintained its public infrastructure for decades.
Filmmaker Steve Channing's excellent "A Generation of Change" on UNC-TV, was a stark reminder of post-war North Carolina, a state wracked by poverty, poor health and uneducated citizens.
After this hard winter students, parents and educators were all looking forward to the traditional spring break, but instead of rest and relaxation many were upset to learn their schools scheduled make-up days during the period.
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