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It has become more obvious that the majority of the Beaufort County leadership offices are occupied by bullies.
Think you know the answer to this question? I thought they represented the business interests of the City of Washington and the surrounding community with an occasional foray into Beaufort County business interests.
North Carolina can continue the positive economic momentum of its recent tax reforms by reducing or repealing the state's tax on capital gains.
Civitas' annual poll of unaffiliated North Carolina voters provides insights into the views of this key voting bloc as the state heads into the election season.
Within the past seven or eight years a county commissioner race from the primary to the November General Election could be financed for $3,000.00. Twenty thousand dollars would do the same for a sheriff's election.
Last week I sent you an estimate of the operation expense advantage that could be achieved by a remodeling the Washington courthouse as opposed to building in Chocowinity.
Beaufort County NOW may not only be the first of its kind in Beaufort County and northeastern North Carolina, it is probably a member of a rarefied few in the world.
There are approximately 48,000 people in Beaufort County with approximately 32,000 registered voters. The Democrats control half of this number with the remainder being split between the Republicans and the Unaffiliated voters.
The Gang of Four, consisting of Commissioners Lnagley, Booth, Belcher, and Klemm, are proceeding to build a new jail as if the November elections are over and they won.
Civitas' annual poll of unaffiliated North Carolina voters provides insights into the views of this key voting bloc as the state heads into the election season.
Whoever came up with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge deserves to be enshrined in the Marketing Hall of Fame. It accomplished the dual purpose of focusing attention on Lou Gehrig's disease while also raising millions of dollars for finding a cure.
I got a private message over the weekend from a drive-by media personality who works for one of the better-known media outlets in the eastern part of North Carolina.
The Prius-driving, low-T, latte-sipping NPR-swooning lefty-snobs at The Charlotte Observer, one of McClatchy's many failing media holdings in The Carolinas, are aghast that this state might become more like -- *GASP* -- Alabama.
When the Common Core state standards for K-12 were rolled out in 2009, few foresaw the impact on higher education. Alarms about the takeover of the entire educational system with the new national standards and tests in math and English language arts were often dismissed.
The office of Sen. Bill Cook (R-District 1) announced Friday, September 19, 2014, that he has been appointed to serve as an advisory member on the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee by Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham).
Well, that didn't take long. Mother Jones, the vanguard of leftist journalism, has jumped into the fray with an insinuation that Thom Tillis is a racist.
On Friday morning September 5th US Congressman Walter Jones released through his chief of staff a resounding endorsement for Mattie Lawson for NC House of Representatives for District 6.
State budget writers looking for ways to save taxpayers' dollars should continue to examine the University of North Carolina system.
Political prognosticator, cable TV talking head, and UVa political scientist Larry Sabato is seeing things trending Kay Hagan's way this year.
Supporters of Thom Tillis are heard to say that it is important that North Carolina elect him rather than Kay Hagan because Hagan would insure Harry Reid continuing and if Tillis is elected, along with Republicans from five other states, then the Democrats would lose majority control of the Senate.
Now, it appears WCNC in Charlotte has found one more questionable scenario involving Tillis, some wealthy donors, their real estate deals, and the proposed I-77 toll lane project enthusiastically backed by Tillis.
At a Wednesday forum for candidates seeking four seats on the N.C. Supreme Court, the big surprise was who didn't show
Some internal docs at NCDOT are shedding some light on what happens to all of that money we shell out at the pump. For 2013-14, NCDOT got $4.4 BILLION in funding.
Nothing undercuts the enjoyment of watching football (Go Steelers!) on a Sunday afternoon more than tiresome political ads, particularly those pro-Kay Hagan ads that employ "political sleight of hand" to substantiate claims of funding cuts to public education in North Carolina.
Civitas' annual poll of unaffiliated North Carolina voters provides insights into the views of this key voting bloc as the state heads into the election season.
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